How do I earn 20$ daily doing anything

Alvaro Artano
2 min readJan 13, 2022


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First, wanted to say that this post contains affiliate links, links that make me earn a little commision but doesn’t make any change or difference to you. By using them, you make me keep the motivation for writing posts. Thanks!

Note: In case it asks for when signing up, my username is “soyalvaro”

What’s hi?

So first, let’s talk about hi, what’s Hi is a Not-for-profit financial service. They have an in-built exchange, lends, money sending between friends, and way more services. Also, they own their own coin, hi Dollars (actual price is 0.6$).

So, let’s skip to the good part, how do we earn money with hi? Okay, so in the top of their app you see an icon with something like a gift, if you click that once a day, they make you answer a multiple choice question and you get rewarded 1 hi dollar. Easy, right?

There, the disabled one

Now, how we can earn more money in this app? First, by referring friends, you get around 0.5 hi a day for each referred person, when they redeem their free rewards. For earning 20$ a day, you have to invite around 30 friends or people, I share the link with my family and followers, or in articles here in Medium, isn’t it nice?

Also, you can stake hi Dollars, earning a 25% APY in 90 days.

You can withdraw your hi Dollars to a wallet or exchange whenever you want.

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